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Way past cool

by Jess Mowry

  Print book : Fiction  |  1st ed

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Way Past Cool   (2008-10-03)


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by Timoun

It's hard to say what makes a good book, and it's even harder to say what makes a great book. I think that too many books today are judged "good or great" by how many copies they sell and how much money they make for the publishers, and if they get made into movies or not. I also think it depends more on if the author goes on the Oprah Winfrey show or gets blown up by the news media and publicity. I think that Jess Mowry's "Way Past Cool" is one of the truly great books written in this century and I also think that it will be a classic of black literature and will be around as long as Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. I read a lot of books by many different authors but I still can't say in words why I like this one so much. In a lot of ways it's like Romeo and Juliet except in this story they get to live. And the kids in this book are our own kids that a lot of us see every day but do not pay much attention to. It is also one of those books you will want to read again. I have read every book by Jess Mowry and I recommend all of them. Jess Mowry reminds us that we are a magical people and a story-telling people. He has made a lot of predictions in his books which have all come true. It's a shame that so many of them are sad and that we might be losing a whole generation of our kids to the violence caused by wanting material things and money. These are not our own values but are values which have been taught to our children by a greedy and materialistic society and "Way Past Cool" shows us that. This book is a warning and a reminder to us that if we want to change things we must do it ourselves. "Way Past Cool" tells but does not preach. There is no justice, there is "just us". In many ways Jess Mowry's work is ahead of its time by being too real in the present like so many truly great author's works were, and I think that some day in the future we will surely regret not having more of his books to read and pass down to our children. If you only buy one book by Jess Mowry I think it should be this one. Then you will probably buy the others.

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