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Rethinking our classrooms : teaching for equity and justice 線上預覽

Rethinking our classrooms : teaching for equity and justice

作者: Bill Bigelow
出版商: Milwaukee, WI : Rethinking Schools, ©1994-©2001.
版本/格式:   打印圖書 : 英語 : 1st ed所有版本和格式的總覽
Synopsis: Rethinking Our Classrooms begins where most school reforms never go, inside the classroom. This collection includes creative teaching ideas, compelling classroom narratives and hands-on examples of ways teachers can promote values of community, justice, and equality--and build academic skills. Nowhere is the connection between critical teaching and effective classroom practice made clearer or more  再讀一些...

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Rethinking our classrooms.
Milwaukee, WI : Rethinking Schools, ©1994-©2001
文件類型 圖書
所有的作者/貢獻者: Bill Bigelow
ISBN: 0942961188 9780942961188 0942961277 9780942961270
OCLC系統控制編碼: 31426525
註釋: "A Rethinking Schools publication."
First printing of v. 1 unnumbered.
描述: 2 volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
内容: Volume 1 --
Introduction --
Creating classrooms for equity and social justice / by the editors --
Lions / by Langston Hughes --
Points Of Departure: Unlearning the myths that bind us / by Linda Christensen --
Rethinking "The three little pigs" / by Ellen Wolpert --
10 quick ways to analyze children's books / by the Council of Interracial Books for Children --
Celebrating the joy in daily events / by Linda Christensen --
Ode to my socks / by Pablo Neruda --
Taking multicultural, anti-racist education seriously / an interview with Enid Lee --
Rethinking My Classroom: Race and respect among young children / by Rita Tenorio --
My hair is long" / by Loyen Redhawk Gali --
Teaching for social justice: one teacher's journey / by Bob Peterson --
The challenge of classroom discipline / by Bob Peterson --
Songs that promote justice / by Bob Peterson --
Ballad of the landlord / by Langston Hughes --
Complexities of encouraging social action / by Bob Peterson --
Honeybees / by Paul Fleischman --
Tapping into feelings of fairness / by Karen Miller --
Love's gonna get us / by Damon Turner --
Building community from chaos / by Linda Christensen --
Discipline: no quick fix / by Linda Christensen --
Getting off the track / by Bill Bigelow --
What the mirror said / by Lucille Clifton --
Teaching Ideas: Using pictures to combat bias / by Ellen Wolpert --
My mom's job is important / by Matt Witt --
My father was a musician / by Dyan Watson --
There's more to heroes than he-man / by Marcie Osinsky --
Black lies-white lies / by Nancy Schniedewind and Ellen Davidson --
Bringing the world into math class / by Claudia Zaslavsky --
Dream voyage to the center of the subway / by Eve Merriam --
Coping with TV / by Bob Peterson --
Talking back to TV commercials --
Looking pretty, waiting for the prince / by Lila Johnson --
Math and media: bias busters / by Bob Peterson --
What do we say when we hear 'faggot'? / by Lenore Gordon --
Organic goodie simulation / by Bill Bigelow and Norm Diamond --
Questions from a worker who reads / by Bertolt Brecht --
World poverty and world resources / by Susan Hersh and Bob Peterson --
Math, equity, and economics --
Taking the offensive against offensive toys / by Lenore Gordon --
Forgiving my father / by Justin Morris --
Day Sondra took over / by Cynthia M Ellwood --
Little things are big / by Jesus Colon --
What can teachers do about sexual harassment? / by Ellen Bravo and Larry Miller --
Flirting vs. sexual harassment: teaching the difference / by Nan Stein and Lisa Sjostrom --
Rayford's song / by Lawson Inada --
Celebrating the student's voice / by Linda Christensen --
Promoting social imagination / by Bill Bigelow and Linda Christensen --
Two women / Anonymous --
Role plays: show, don't tell / by Bill Bigelow --
Testing, tracking, and toeing the line: a role play on the origins of modern high school / by Bill Bigelow --
Rethinking Our Assumptions: Expectations and at-risk children / by LC Clark --
Teachers and cultural styles / by Asa G Hilliard III --
Pigs: when tracking takes its toll / by Molly Schwabe --
Seeing color : a review of White teacher / by Lisa Delpit --
Face the facts: we're not that bad / by Felicitas Villanueva --
I won't learn from you! / by Herbert Kohl --
Rebellion against the North side / by Naomi Shihab Nye --
Politics of children's literature / by Herbert Kohl --
Funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr. / by Nikki Giovanni --
Whose standard? Teaching standard English / by Linda Christensen --
Thoughts on teaching Native American literature / by Joseph Bruchac --
Why students should study history / an interview with Howard Zin --
In memory of crossing the Columbia / Elizabeth Woody --
Students as textbook detectives / by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson --
To the young who want to die / by Gwendolyn Brooks --
Beyond The Classroom: Why we need to go beyond the classroom / by Stan Karp --
Gurl / by Mary Blalock --
Forging curriculum reform throughout a district / by David Levine --
Why standardized tests are bad / by Terry Meir --
Detracting Montclair High / by Stan Karp --
Tracking : why schools need to take another route / by Jeannie Oakes --
Lineage / by Margaret Walker --
Teaching Guide/Resources: Poetry teaching guide --Videos with a conscience / by Bill Bigelow and Linda Christensen --
Books to empower young people --
Other Resources. Volume 2 --
Introduction --
Power of words --
Where I'm from: inviting students' lives into the classroom / by Linda Christensen --
Where I'm from / by George Ella Lyon --
I am from soul food and Harriet Tubman / by Lealonni Blake --
I am from pink tights and speak you mind / by Djamila Moore --
I am from / by Oretha Storey --
I am from swing sets and jungle gyms / Debby Gordon --
International proverbs project / by Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers --
Race / by Cang Dao --
For my people / by Linda Christensen --
What color is beautiful? / by Alejandro Segura-Mora --
Ebonics and culturally responsive instruction / by Lisa Delpit --
Exploring black cultural issues / by Bakari Chavanu --
Ode to writing / by Jessica Rawlins --
I am proud to be bilingual / by Monica Thao --
Power Of The Past: unsung heroes / by Howard Zinn --
Teaching about unsung heroes / by Bill Bigelow --
Discovering the truth about Helen Keller / by James Loewen --
On the road to cultural bias / by Bill Bigelow --
Fiction posing as truth / by Debbie Reese --
Rethinking the U S Constitutional convention: a role play / by Bob Peterson --
New U S Bill of Rights / by Larry Miller --
Waiting at the railroad cafe / by Janet Wong --
Lesson on the Japanese-American internment / by Mark Sweeting --
In response to executive order 9066 / by Dwight Okita --
What the tour guide didn't tell me / by Wayne Au --
Power Of Critique: Ten chairs of inequality / by Polly Kellogg --
Teaching math across the curriculum / by Bob Peterson --
Percent as a tool for social justice / by Bob Peterson --
Human lives behind the labels / by Bill Bigelow --
Stitching shed / by Tho Dong --
Bias and CD-Rom encyclopedias / by Bob Peterson --
Where's the R-word? / by Bob Peterson --
Girls, worms, and body image / by Kate Lyman --
Math, maps and misrepresentation / by Eric Gutstein --
Power Of Social Action: We had set ourselves free / by Doug Sherman --
From snarling dogs to bloody Sunday / by Kate Lyman --
Mississippi freedom schools / by David Levine --
Improvs and civil rights / by Bill Bigelow --
Poetry of protest / by Linda Christensen --
Jorge the church janitor finally quits / by Martin Espada --
Bill of Rights for girls / by Mary Blalock --
Trial / by Kate Lyman --
Students blow the whistle on toxic oil contamination / by Larry Miller and Danah Opland-Dobs --
Garbage / by Bill Steele, Mike Agranoff, and Pete Seeger --
Aids-you can die from it / by Kate Lyman --
At the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, South Caroling, 1989 / by Lucille Clifton --
Rethinking School Culture: When things turn ugly / by Donn Harris --
Rethinking discipline / by Jehanne Helena Beaton --
Creating classroom community / by Beverly Braxton --
Mother speaks out / by Leslie Sadasivan --
Teaching the whole story / by Kate Lyman --
Playing favorites / by Mara Sapon-Shevin --
Black teachers on teaching / by Michele Foster --
School system shock / by Melony Swasey --
Arranged marriages, rearranged ideas / by Stan Karp --
Out front / by Annie Johnston --
Staying past Wednesday / by Kate Lyman --
Earth's last cry / by Rachel M Knudsen --
Rethinking Assessment: Failing our kids: what's wrong with the testing craze / by the editors of Rethinking Schools --
Basketball and portfolios / by Linda Christensen --
One size fits few / by Susan Ohanian --
Tracking and the project method / by Bob Peterson --
Motivating students to do quality work / by Bob Peterson --
Resources --
Poetry teaching guide / by Linda Christensen --
其他題名: Teaching for equity and justice
Rethinking schools.
責任: [editors ... Bill Bigelow and others].


Synopsis: Rethinking Our Classrooms begins where most school reforms never go, inside the classroom. This collection includes creative teaching ideas, compelling classroom narratives and hands-on examples of ways teachers can promote values of community, justice, and equality--and build academic skills. Nowhere is the connection between critical teaching and effective classroom practice made clearer or more accessible. Includes: Building Classroom Communities from Chaos -- Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us: Critiquing Fairy Tales & Films -- Race and Respect Among Young Children -- Why Students Should Study History: An Interview with Howard Zinn -- Flirting vs. Sexual Harassment -- Teaching for Social Justice: One Teacher's Journey -- Statistics with a Conscience -- How to Analyze Children's Books for Racism and Sexism -- Books to Empower Young People -- I Won't Learn from You! Confronting Student Resistance -- Beyond the Classroom: Why Changing Classrooms Is Not Enough.




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