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Holograms : a cultural history

저자: Sean Johnston
출판사: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2016. ©2016
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 영어모든 판과 형식 보기
This volume examines the history of the use of the hologram. Holograms are photographs of interference patterns that, when suitably illuminated, produce three-dimensional images. In its pure form, holography requires the use of laser light for illuminating the subject and for viewing the finished hologram. This work explores how holograms became embedded in modern popular culture. It traces their cultural roots in  더 읽기…

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장르/형태: History
자료 유형: 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 도서, 인터넷 자원
모든 저자 / 참여자: Sean Johnston
ISBN: 9780198712763 0198712766
OCLC 번호: 933280643
설명: xi, 257 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 25 cm
내용: 1. Introduction --
Culture and technology --
Why cultural history? --
Audiences and assessments --
pt. A. Visual culture and modernity : the backstory to holograms --
2. Scientific imagery and visual novelty --
Modern alchemy --
Scientific imaging for enthusiasts and professionals --
The stereoscope : scientific magic at home --
Halting science : the case of the Lippmann photograph --
3. Grassroots modernity --
Reproduction for the millions --
Imagery to exhilarate --
Imagery to educate --
Imagery to emulate --
Imagery to entertain --
Displaying progress --
pt. B. Making sense of holograms --
4. Hologram secrets --
Starting small : microscopic culture --
Trusting holograms --
Making imagery electronic --
From radar to holograms --
5. Holograms as magic --
Modern illusions --
Portraying perplexity --
Distilling the essence of holograms --
6. Holograms and progress --
Representing modernity --
Expressing national status --
Anticipating consumer wonders --
Engineering the future --
pt. C. Hologram cultures --
7. Holograms for enthusiasts --
Hobbyists, tinkerers and technical enthusiasts --
Growing amateur scientists --
Holograms for amateurs --
8. Hologram communities --
Countercultural expressions --
Meditating on holograms --
Making holograms move --
Holograms at school --
Enthusiasts' networks --
9. Holograms on display --
Exhibiting holograms --
Holograms as art --
Holograms and heritage --
Holograms and the postmodern --
Collecting holograms --
10. Consuming holograms --
Fitting holograms to culture --
Canning the uncanny --
Symbols of security --
The digital transition --
11. Channelling dreams --
Galaxies and holograms far, far away --
Spectacle, aesthetics or ubiquity? --
Popular and unpopular cultures --
Magic, metaphors and materialism --
Appendix : A taxonomy of holograms --
Real-world holograms --
Misidentifying holograms.
책임: Sean F. Johnston, University of Glasgow.
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This book explores how holograms became embedded in modern popular culture. It traces their cultural roots in earlier visual technologies such as stereoscopes and 3-D movies, and examines how  더 읽기…


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Johnston has written a cultural, technological and historical exposition of the hologram. Johnston argues that artifacts and people intermingle and the recognition of this fact is essential to an 더 읽기…

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