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Daily life in ancient Mesopotamia แสดงตัวอย่างรายการนี้

Daily life in ancient Mesopotamia

ผู้แต่ง: Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat
สำนักพิมพ์: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1998.
ชุด: '">Greenwood Press "Daily life through history" series.
ครั้งที่พิมพ์/รูปแบบ:   พิมพ์หนังสือ : ภาษาอังกฤษดูครั้งที่พิมพ์และรูปแบบ
Overview: The ancient world of Mesopotamia (from Sumer to the subsequent division into Babylonia and Assyria) vividly comes alive in this portrayal of the time period from 3100 bce to the fall of Assyria (612 bce) and Babylon (539 bce). Readers will discover fascinating details about the lives of these people from the society where writing began-taken from the ancients' own quotations and descriptions. A wealth of  อ่านมากขึ้น…

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ประเภทเอกสาร หนังสือ
ผู้แต่งทั้งหมด : ผู้แต่งร่วม Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat
ISBN: 0313294976 9780313294976 9780801047305 0801047307
OCLC Number: 38168335
คำอธิบาย: xxi, 346 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
สารบัญ: Preface --
Acknowledgments --
Time line for ancient Mesopotamia --
Introduction: --
Rediscovery and decipherment --
Dating the past (relative dating vs absolute dating) --
General Information: --
Geographical setting of Mesopotamia --
Peoples and their languages --
Historical Overview: --
Permanent settlement and domestication --
Beginnings of civilization: from farming villages to cities --
Period of city-states and nation-states: the third millennium --
Period of new kingdoms: the second millennium --
Empires in Mesopotamia: the first millennium --
Writing, Education, And Literature: --
Origins of writing --
Education and professional activity of scribes --
Archives and libraries --
Literature: poetry and prose --
Nonliterary texts --
Sciences: --
Medicine --
Mathematics --
Astronomy --
Technology --
Natural sciences --
Cartography and geography --
Society, Part 1: City Life, Country Life, Nomadic And Semi-Nomadic Life: --
City life --
Countryside --
Nomadic and semi-nomadic life --
Class and society --
Society, Part 2: Private Life: --
Private houses --
Family life --
Property and succession --
Women's roles --
Fashions --
Food and drink --
Recreation: --
Hunting --
Sports --
Board games --
Toys --
Music --
Dancing --
Banquets --
Performance of literary works --
Religion: --
Religious views of early man --
Development of the Pantheon --
Composition of the Pantheon --
Representations of the Gods --
Service to the Gods --
Places of worship and their functions --
Worshipers --
Religious personnel and servants --
Religious festivals --
Sorcerers, exorcists, and diviners --
Prophets --
Government: --
King --
Administration of justice --
Warfare --
Consequences of war --
International relations --
Economy: --
Farming --
Canals and irrigation --
Land management --
Domestic economy --
Foreign trade --
Crafts and labor --
Legacy Of Ancient Mesopotamia: --
Notes --
Glossary --
Selected bibliography --
ชื่อชุด: Greenwood Press "Daily life through history" series.
ความรับผิดชอบ: Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat.


The ancient world of Mesopotamia (from Sumer to the subsequent division into Babylonia and Assyria) vividly comes alive in this portrayal of the time period from 3100 bce to the fall of Assyria (612  อ่านมากขึ้น…




"[A] readable and comprehensive overview of daily-life aspects of Mesopotamian civilization." - Religious Studies Review "Nemet-Nejat should be congratulated for her attempts to make ancient อ่านมากขึ้น…

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