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The Fairchild encyclopedia of menswear

Auteur: Mary Lisa Gavenas
Uitgever: New York : Fairchild Publications, Inc., ©2008.
Editie/materiaalsoort:   Gedrukt boek : EngelsAlle edities en materiaalsoorten bekijken.
"Suit sales are on the rise. Men's makeovers are a staple of reality television, and male celebrities retain stables of stylists. Magazine publishers are busily launching male style spin-offs, while business and news titles are just as busy beefing up their coverage of men's fashion and grooming. As we enter the 21st century, there is more interest over menswear than there's been in decades, yet there has been no  Meer lezen...

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Genre/vorm: Encyclopedias
Aanvullende fysieke materiaalsoort: Online version:
Gavenas, Mary Lisa.
Fairchild encyclopedia of menswear.
New York : Fairchild Publications, Inc., ©2008
Soort document: Boek
Alle auteurs / bijdragers: Mary Lisa Gavenas
ISBN: 9781563674655 1563674653
OCLC-nummer: 148851371
Beschrijving: x, 419 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Inhoud: A: abaca to awning stripes --
B: babouches to bycocket --
C: cabana stripes to Cutty Sark Awards --
D: Dacron to dye lot --
E: ear flaps to eyewear --
F: fabrications to fustian --
G: gabardine to gym bag --
H: H & M to hymo --
I: ice cream suit to Izod --
J: J. Press to justaucorps --
K: kafiyeh to Kuski suit --
L: lace-ups to Lytton, Lord --
M: M magazine to mutze --
N: nailhead to nylon --
O: Ocean Pacific to ozone wash --
P: pachuco to PVC --
Q: qiviut to quizzing glass --
R: rabbit hair to runway --
S: S-twist to synthetic --
T: T-400 to tyrian purple --
U: ulster to urban --
V: V-neck to vrille --
W: waist to wrap coat --
XYZ: XIA to Zuleika Dabson.
Verantwoordelijkheid: Mary Lisa Gavenas.
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A guide for fashion students and professionals, this book features: over 2,800 entries covering definitions and terms, industry slang, pattern descriptions, tailor's talk, and technical jargon;  Meer lezen...


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Found through citations

door DHouy (Gepubliceerd door gebruiker WorldCat 2018-02-06) Uitstekend Permalink

I discovered this book by accident because I saw it being cited in so many Wikipedia and other articles. My favorite part is the insert in the center where you can identify the fabrics without having to already know what they're called. 

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excellent textile resource

door CosmetMktr (Gepubliceerd door gebruiker WorldCat 2008-11-26) Uitstekend Permalink

Good basic fashion resource--most of the book applies to anything--not just menswear. Has color plates insertedne to identify fabric by pattern and visual appearance.

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best --and the only--standard reference on this subject

door Panoptikon (Gepubliceerd door gebruiker WorldCat 2009-06-02) Uitstekend Permalink

Most fashion writing is awful, but--thank God--this is not a fashion book. I found it to be extremely reliable, succinct, and witty. I recommend it to my students as a reference.

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excellent reference on fashion arcana

door maryshelburne (Gepubliceerd door gebruiker WorldCat 2009-07-09) Uitstekend Permalink

I came to this after getting her other book out of the library. Although it's totally different--it's an encyclopedia--it was a great reference. I double-checked it on the Internet and a lot of this stuff is NOT AVAILABLE on the Internet, which makes it worth having.

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An unexpected exception

door CeCeS (Gepubliceerd door gebruiker WorldCat 2010-02-05) Uitstekend Permalink

This is an exception to those awful "how to dress" guides and "manuals of style" that purport to give the last word in menswear and are really just some boring garmento's opinion on which tie goes with which shirt collar. (Does anybody care about that anyway?) It covers absolutely everything....
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